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Puppy Training

Basic puppy training,where he or she learns how to socialize along with basic commands.


This training is for pups of all ages. 

They learn social cues

Advanced commands

and more.


Our Specialty Camp has several different levels that we offer.

From agility to  levels of service.

For this level of training, each pup must have completed beginning and advanced levels of training,as well as taken a temperament test.

Behavior Modification

Each pup goes through an evaluation and we pin point the issue that is causing stress,anxiety and or aggression for your pup and we teach you and them how to  alleviate the source of the problwm. 

Senior Refresh

Because every pup can use use a refresh, even the ones that are distinguished.

Family Learning

Although this class is usually included with our other training programs,we offer it separately as well.

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